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The New Logo and The Inspiration Behind It

Posted on July 23, 2015 at 9:50 AM

From something raw, to something beautiful...

Diamonds are not attractive in their raw, crude and un-polished form. Their true value and brilliance come out when cut and polished to the artisan’s final desired form. Known as the hardest substance on the planet, the craft of cutting and polishing diamonds to their outstanding brilliance as seen in their commercial form, is a huge challenge to achieve for the craftsman of the old days and even at present time, with the continuous evolution of methods.  So whether a diamond is the Queen England’s crowning jewel or as a shining star on your fiancés finger, the same intricate effort and hardwork were applied to achieve its beautiful appearnce.

At VGem Jewelry, we take our craftsmanship seriously and we even create amazing features that will benefit solely our clients. Every customized ring is treated with high aesthetic respect and standards to achieve the perfection that every couple desires with their ring. We are passionate to provide you quality products, outstanding service, and affordability and give you that beautifully polished round diamond with just the right and perfect cut you desire.

V-Gem Jewelry’s new logo is fashioned after the top view of the round cut diamond to feautre the intricate geometric lines of its body and sides. The round cut diamond is generally superior to other fancy diamond shapes and cuts.  Because, with just a hint of reflection of light, it releases a wide spectrum of colors and that maximizes the potential brightness of the surrondings, thus making it shine brighter than any other cut or gem.  This reflects true to VGem Jewelry’s core values and standards. 


wedding rings and engagement ring meant to be customize

Posted on May 12, 2015 at 12:20 AM

Wedding rings and engagement ring must be customize? Don’t you think so?!

V-Gem Jewelry really think so!

That’s why we urge you to…

  • Not to buy on impulse, discuss your rings and focus on what you need.
  • Put more attention to it, it’s design, which materials to be used.
  • Know your budget to be allotted to it.
  • Choose a reputable jeweler whom you will entrust the execution of your dream wedding rings.
  • Understand that even if you check and see actual design over-the-counter for some jewelers, the question is, “is it the one are you going to purchase?” Most of the time its not, they will tell you they are going to customize your rings base on your sizes, and its made-to-order.
  • Be creative and imaginative, after all, it’s your ring we are talking about here.
  • Try our unique concept suited specially for wedding rings and engagement ring.
  • Customize your rings!

Because wedding rings and engagement ring are not just a simple or trendy jewelry. It symbolizes your love to each other. And the only thing left after the wedding ceremony, the statement of your vows that you will be wearing for the rest of your lives.

Wedding rings and engagement ring meant to be customize.

How to Create My Own Wedding Rings

Posted on April 27, 2009 at 9:35 PM

How to Create My Own Wedding Rings

Tiesha Whatley


Step 1:  Decide when you would like the rings to be made. To ensure you have the rings before the wedding day, allow enough time for them to be made.

Step 2:  Decide on a design together. Since the wedding rings will be worn by both the bride and groom, this decision should be made by both. If you want the surprise element, design each others rings and keep them hidden until the wedding ceremony.

Step 3:  Browse jewelry catalogs for design ideas. This is a good starting point when trying to design the wedding rings you desire.

Step 4:  Visit a jeweler. Find a jeweler that allows you to design your own ring. Have the jeweler show you his store catalog for more ideas. Ask her about "mix and match" options. There may be design elements of several different rings that you would like to incorporate into your rings.

Step 5:  Choose the bands. Decide on yellow gold, white gold or platinum for the metal. Keep the engagement ring in mind; you would want to complement it with the right type of band.

Step 6:  Choose the width of the band. Choose from 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm or 8mm. And your desired thickness from .5 to 3mm.

Step 7:  Choose the band's profile. This is how it is shaped. Choose from among flat, court and D-shaped.

Step 8:  Choose a finish for the band's polishing. Your choices are polished, brushed or frosted. Have the jeweler show you an example of how each polishing technique looks on a completed product.

Step 9:  Choose any other design aspects for the bands. Decide if you want contemporary, diamond, classic or handcrafted designs on the band. You can also have the band inset, inlaid or diagonally grooved.

Step 10:  Add engraving. Most couples add the wedding date and/or a special message. Jewelers charge per letter for engraving. Remember this when you are picking an inscription.

Step 11:  After you have decided on all of the aspects of the band, communicate this completely to the jeweler so that there aren't any misunderstandings.


If you don't have time to design your wedding bands before the wedding, there's still time. Another good occasion to design wedding rings is during anniversaries.  

wedding rings... which finger?

Posted on April 24, 2009 at 4:34 AM

wedding rings... which finger?


Traditions have it that wedding bands should be worn in the left ring finger of the couple.  It is believed that a vein on our ring finger is directly connected to the most important part of our body... the heart. Wedding bands serves as a symbol of the undying love of the couple to each other. This is to constantly remind us of our vows and the person to whom we have promised to commit ourselves. But why is there a question regarding the proper wearing of wedding bands?


In some countries, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand. This choice of finger relates to traditions purportedly dating to classical times, from an early usage reportedly referring to the fourth finger of the left hand as containing the vena amoris or "vein of love?. At least in part due to this tradition, it became the norm to wear the wedding ring on this finger. By wearing rings on the fourth finger of their left hands, a married couple symbolically declares their eternal love for each other. This has now become a matter of tradition and etiquette in these countries. An alternative explanation could be that because the majority of people are right-handed, wearing the ring on the left hand makes it less likely to be damaged or lost during everyday activities.[1]


In other countries such as Colombia, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain (except in catalonia), Ukraine, Venezuela and Serbia, however, it is worn on the right hand. Orthodox Christians and Eastern Europeans (except for the Romanians) also traditionally wear the wedding band on the right hand. Jewish women wear the wedding ring on the left hand, even though it is placed on the right hand during the marriage ceremony. Men do not traditionally wear rings at all although in some of the "Modernist" movements it has begun to gain currency. In The Netherlands, Catholics wear it on the left, Protestants on the right; in Austria, Catholics wear it on the right. In Belgium, the choice of hand depends on the region of the country. Greek people, many being Orthodox Christians, also wear the wedding rings on the right hand in keeping with Greek tradition. A traditional reason to wear the wedding ring on the right hand stems from Roman custom. The Latin word for left is"sinister", which in addition to this sense also has the same senses as the English word. The Latin word for right is "dexter", a word that evolved into "dexterity". Hence, the left hand had a negative connotation and the right a good one. For the same reason, an oath is sworn while raising the right hand.[2]


There, we already knew the reason why proper wearing of wedding bands raises an issue among us. This is because there are different number of customs that a soon to wed couple should take into consideration. Depending on their religion, the country where they are living and the beliefs of their family. There is nothing wrong in following old traditions and beliefs, what's important is that we respect the significance of our wedding bands which will be worn forever by the newlyweds.